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Forget all your bearings, here is UP !, the Festival that makes the capital of Belgium ... intensely Circus!


Impossible doesn’t exist in circus.

If the circus still transports us, it’s because it is always nudging up against boundaries: of bodies, balance, poetry and feelings. For as long as a performance lasts, circus makes up new rules, pushing aside day-to-day ordinariness.

Whether there are 2 or 17 of them, the artists in the FESTIVAL UP! line-up don’t necessarily need much to amaze us with their extraordinary performances. It’s they themselves who are spectacular and they give us the shivers with the risks they take… Some rigging, a few accessories transformed by their bodies, emotions and sometimes images from who knows where, are enough to create a bewitching world.

FESTIVAL UP! is growing as circus evolves. And it’s going fast!

Today’s circus is a full-scale performance. It brings together a range of disciplines and unites audiences. It borrows from theatre, burlesque cinema, dance and fine art. Contemporary circus isn’t inward looking; it speaks, indirectly, poetically or crudely to us about our world, today. What we experience and what can be expressed with bodies. This type of circus knows how to dream, experiment, it searches for new languages, introduces new dramatic arts and new visual vernaculars. It is a curious and a universal art form that sometimes takes an interest in forgotten acrobatic techniques and that always stays welcoming and generous.

This year, 13 partner venues across Brussels will be opening their doors to these new circus forms, 28 shows, of which 7 are newly created and 10 are Belgian premières.

So are you ready to get up close and personal with the impossible?

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Dans le cadre de 2018-19,

une année pour découvrir la vitalité du cirque bruxellois.

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