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Danse dans les arbres

To help us put down roots, Mami Kitagawa dances with a tree.

Espace Catastrophe / Festival UP! - Archipel 19

Aerial acrobat Mami Kitagawa tames an unexpected and carefully chosen partner, a tree, which helps her reach the summits and the skies. At the same time, we don’t know what will really happen, since Mami has no equal in giving you a unique experience, here and now. Her majestic and acrobatic performance makes us feel rooted in the present, raising questions about our relationship with time, nature and plants. They are precious questions in our world, which has clearly opted for the maddest, most frantic race of all. ‘Danse dans les arbres’ creates a veritable duo between artist and tree, offering a poetic perspective on (re)connecting with nature.