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Behind the scenes of gymnastics like you’ve never dared imagine!

A solo act, a fevered exploration: plunge into the past of a former gymnast! Yes, she was talented, very talented in fact, but not perfect enough for you to remember her. Harsh and self-mocking, she tells us about the chaos in her mind. With feats of acrobatics and the twisting of her body, she confesses everything to us, from her struggles to stay thin and in top shape to her dreams that ended in failure. Deep down, she likes being herself, laughing out loud, showing her faults, being direct and even a bit trashy, doing things you’re not supposed to do. Cruda is raw, but she likes being liked all the same.


Soirée Composée

Evening composed of 2 short forms : « Cruda » & « Brace For Impact »
18 March 2021 - 20:00
8>14 €