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Behind the scenes of gymnastics like you’ve never dared imagine!

Solo act meets wild adventure: immerse yourself, fully clothed, in this former gymnast’s past. Yes, she was gifted, very gifted in fact… but never quite became a household name. Uncompromising and self-deprecating, she tells us of her internal chaos. In tandem with an array of breath-taking acrobatics and contortions, she confesses everything, from her struggle to stay slim and on top form, to her dashed dreams. Essentially, she loves being herself, whether crying with laughter, flaunting her flaws, being direct and trashy, or taking liberties others might shy away from. Cruda may be crude, but she loves to be loved all the same.


Soirée Composée

Evening composed of 2 short forms : « Cruda » & « Brace For Impact »
18 March 2021 - 20:00
8>14 €