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You will find on this page every informations for the professionals willing to join us during Festival UP! to attend [one of] the 30 shows programmed, and to take part to the conferences, meetings, speed datings, project presentations, aperos for pros, Warm Kisses & networking moments proposed from 25 > 28.03.

Register on time to benefit from the hotel nights offered during this Focus PRO by WBTD , the ‘Agence publique de soutien à l’exportation du secteur des Arts de la Scène’ [see below].

Focus Pros 25 > 28.03

This 4 days Focus is brought to you by Espace Catastrophe, thanks to the active collaboration of WBTD - Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre Danse & Visit.Brussels; with the support of WBI - Wallonie-Bruxelles International, the ‘Promotion de Bruxelles’ & the ‘Image de Bruxelles’.

Access to the program of the FOCUS PRO is granted to all professionals, from Belgium and abroad.
Register online via the Online Form.

Wedneday 25.03

Day Program

General Assemblies & Network/Federations Meetings
[for members only]

Théâtre Marni

  • General Assembly of Territoires de Cirque [FR]
  • Meeting INCAM - International Network of Circus Arts Magazines
  • Meeting CAN – Circus Asia Network


Show | 125 BPM | Duo André-Leo [BE]

Théâtre Marni


The Espace Catastrophe’s team invite you to the Apéro PROS

Théâtre Marni

19h & 21h

Spectacles UP!

Théâtre Varia, Garage 29, 140, MCCS & en appartement

Des navettes circulent entre les représentations

Thursday 26.03

Warm Kisses Circus / Bons Baisers Cirque
10 Companies will present their future creations [2021 & 2022]

 CINEMA PALACE, Boulevard Anspach, 85 - 1000 Bruxelles




Project Presentations [1st part : on stage]


Lunch offered by WBTD


Project Presentations [2nd part : Speed-dating]


The WBTD team invite you to the Apéro PROS

19h & 21h

Shows UP!

Théâtre Marni, Garage 29, Espace Delvaux, under the Big Top & in apartment

Shuttles will be running between the shows

Friday 27.03

Conferences, Round Tables & Meetings

 KINOGRAPHE / SeeU - old ‘casernes’ in Ixelles - Avenue de la Couronne 227 - 1050 Ixelles




Presentation : « Les aides internationales en faveur de la création/diffusion »
With the participation of Max Godefroid [Creative Europe Desk – Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles], Danijela Jovic [Project Officer, European Commission], Justine Claisse [Service Culture WBI], Alexis Rouvre [artiste] bénéficiaire de "I-Portunus", etc.


Lunch offered by WBTD


Roud Table : « Les réseaux à la loupe »
With the participation of Cirque, Circostrada, circusnext, Incam, la Fedec, le RAB/BAK, Asspropro & Aires Libres – Animation : Lieza Dessein


The Aire Libre’s team invite you to the Apéro PROS

19h & 21h

Shows UP!

Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, Espace Delvaux, under the Big Top & in apartment

Shuttles will be running between the shows

Saturday 28.03

10 > 12h30

Cultural & fun activity in Brussels

14 > 18h

Focus Circus acts in public spaces

Parc Victoria / Koekelberg



Soirée Composée [Short Forms]

Le Jacques Franck


Tours de Pis(t)e [Numeros]

Théâtre Varia


Static | Monki [NL] - Shortlisted circusnext 2018/19

Espace Catastrophe

Shuttles will be running between the shows


After Party

 Théâtre Varia

Légende des différents modes de réservation

Pros Ticket booking on our online ticketing-platform
Online registration required

Support for overnight stays

During Festival UP!, WBTD, the ‘Agence publique de soutien à l’exportation du secteur des Arts de la Scène’, has the pleasure to offer 2 hotel nights to 40 international programmers.

Conditions :

  • Offer reserved to international programmers (outside Belgium) : cultural institutions representatives, Pôles, Theaters, Cultural Centers, Scènes Nationales, Festivals etc.
  • Support granted to one person per structure (in single rooms), or eventualy 2 (in shared double rooms).
  • This support is limited to 2 hotel nights. You are welcome to stay longer, but the other nights are at your own charge.
  • These offered hotel nights are to be taken during the time of the Focus Pro, between 25 & 28.03.2020.
  • Offer granted to the 40 first valid demands only.

Limited Offer | First come - first served

Pros Tickets for Shows

In light of the steadily growing professional presence at the festival [170 programmers in 2016, 320 programmers in 2018], we are no longer able to offer professionals free access to shows.


We now invite programmers to contribute to the development costs of our festival, while enjoying a 40% discount, no matter how many shows they attend [discount valid starting from the first show].


This discount is reserved for representatives of cultural institutions, theatres, cultural centres, performing arts venues, festivals, etc., able to provide proof of regular programming work. This discount is valid only for the institution’s programming managers [one form per person].


Other cultural workers [working in a position other than programming] and their guests are invited to reserve their tickets at public prices [full or discount prices depending on categories].

Access to ‘programmer Discounts’ in Three Steps:

1/ Fill out the form below [one form per programmer]

2/ Within a day, you will receive a discount code by e-mail [after our team validates your form]

3/ Using your discount code, you may now directly buy your tickets under the special programmer terms on our online ticketing website [Eventbrite]

Formulaire d'inscription en tant que programmateur

More Infos


Brussels is a very welcoming city, with a large selection of hotels and many other accommodations, such as youth hostels.

In your choice of lodging, do not stray too far from the municipalities hosting the shows on the Festival UP! bill: Brussels, Schaerbeek, Ixelles, Saint-Gilles. These municipalities have good public transport (metro/tram/bus).

To help your search for accommodations