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In light of the steadily growing professional presence at the festival [170 programmers in 2016, 320 programmers in 2018], we are no longer able to offer professionals free access to shows.


We now invite programmers to contribute to the development costs of our festival, while enjoying a 40% discount, no matter how many shows they attend [discount valid starting from the first show].


This discount is reserved for representatives of cultural institutions, theatres, cultural centres, performing arts venues, festivals, etc., able to provide proof of regular programming work. This discount is valid only for the institution’s programming managers [one form per person].


Other cultural workers [working in a position other than programming] and their guests are invited to reserve their tickets at public prices [full or discount prices depending on categories].


1/ Fill out the form below [one form per programmer]

2/ Within a day, you will receive a discount code by e-mail [after our team validates your form]

3/ Using your discount code, you may now directly buy your tickets under the special programmer terms on our online ticketing website [Eventbrite]

Programmer registration form

  • Organisme que vous représentez
    Organisatie die u vertegenwoordigt
    Organization that you represent
  • Fonction au sein de l'organisme
    Functie binnen de organisatie
    Function within the organization
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


25-28 March 2020

Readings, project presentations and speed dating, workshops, drinks and other festivities.

> In collaboration with WBTD and WBI


Full schedule and registration online available in the next few days.


Brussels is a very welcoming city, with a large selection of hotels and many other accommodations, such as youth hostels.

In your choice of lodging, do not stray too far from the municipalities hosting the shows on the Festival UP! bill: Brussels, Schaerbeek, Ixelles, Saint-Gilles. These municipalities have good public transport (metro/tram/bus).

To help your search for accommodations:

> List of hotels

> List of youth hostels