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Events for 24 March 2018


Baptême Trapèze Volant

Espace Catastrophe

Dans le cadre du Festival UP! qui aura lieu partout à Bruxelles du 12 au 25 mars, l’Espace Catastrophe propose à tous les Aventuriers des hauteurs la possibilité de s’essayer au Trapèze Volant. En effet, pendant une semaine, nous allons installer, avec la collaboration de la Compagnie Epissure / Mathilde Clapeyron, une structure « Mini-Volant...

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Circus in public space

4 to 5 companies will invade Victoria Park in its surroundings to present their latest creation, specially designed for public space. Upcoming programming

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Nicanor de Elia [BE]

Copyleft brings together a group of jugglers/dancers who spread out in the centre of a performance space, surrounded by the audience. There, they create their own dynamic, their own language and their own relationship to the music. The seven jugglers, with an air of tennis players, throw themselves into an intense tornado of juggling, in...

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One Shot !

Cie One Shot

A Chinese pole, balls, a board, a drill, five axes, a microphone and an electric guitar, plus two artists, playing at frightening us and each other. As cool as the blues, as edgy as rock, this show revisits classic old circus acts with uninhibited freedom. There’s sliding, tests of balance (keeping it and losing it),...

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FACE A : Block Party

Le hip hop et le cirque peuvent avoir beaucoup de choses en commun :  le langage du corps, l’engagement et l’occupation de l’espace. Dans cette petite forme, les deux disciplines se rejoignent dans un flow physique parfait. Aux vrilles à ras du sol répondent les mouvements aux sangles ou au cerceau comme si le breakdance...

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FACE A : Block Party

Des hommes qui portent et des femmes qui tiennent

Hip-hop and circus have many things in common: a physical language, commitment and use of space. In this small-scale form, the two disciplines meet in a perfect physical flow. Air flares (spinning handstands) performed on the ground are echoed by movements above, on the cords and hoops of aerial rigging, as if breakdance could defy...

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Le Jardin des Délices

He starts off wearing a suit, barefoot on a carpet of white mud. The man does everything he can to juggle his white ball, letting it slide without letting it fall or get dirty. But the force of the mud pulls him downwards and he ends up paddling blissfully in this primitive substance. Like a...

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Mira Ravald & Luis Sartori do Vale [FI]

In the world of Portmanteau, fragility balances on a tightrope walker’s wire and in the space between a juggler’s juggling balls. Bodies slide under the intriguing images projected on a large screen using vintage overhead projectors. For a frozen moment in time, the artists’ movements slip between those shown on the projectors. At the frontier...

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Marta Torrents [FR/ES]

Two men, two women. There are tears and laughter, embraces, missteps and tiny stories of daily life. Everything can be read on their faces and their bodies extend and amplify their emotions to their essential state. What do we do to be loved? What do we do to love? Words and body language combine to...

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O let me…

Les mains sales [FR]

The sounds of a cello playing and a mezzo-soprano singing seem to keep a pair of acrobats suspended in mid-air, attached to an aerial cradle. Their arms and legs hang on, let go and stretch, playing with the idea of fragile proximity. This is the purest form of acrobatics, where the tension in a body...

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Nicanor de Elia [BE]

Juventud is an encounter between six young jugglers and texts from Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto. The texts echo the jugglers’ physical states. They are like racing cars fuelled by endurance, audacity, bravery and speed. These young men’s juggling is brutal, martial and sometimes absurd. All this physical work full of contrasts is the product of two...

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L’avis bidon

Cirque la Compagnie [FR]

Four acrobats around a Chinese pole and a Korean board. There’s movement and leaping all over the place. They fall and it runs on pure adrenalin. Mothers-in-law get a pasting, there’s knife throwing to give us goosebumps and stomach churning aerial antics. The technique is extraordinary, but it’s the four performers’ sense of humour, their...

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