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Events for 13 March 2018



Cie Te Koop [BE]

Axel and Nicolas are different. One of them has Down’s Syndrome, the other doesn’t. One is tall and thin, the other not so much. Hyperlaxe choreographs their encounter gently, slowly, poetically. With pieces of wood, chairs, bouquets of flowers, they challenge each other, playing with gravity and balance in their partnership. In these moments out...

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Naga Collective [BE]

Four persons are drinking tea, but something’s not quite right. Their gestures repeat themselves. You have to stand back and let their bodies talk. In this first group show, the artists of Naga Collective confront their desires and their instincts. Persona is a story about their relationships, their weaknesses, their strengths and the masks they...

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Le Phare [BE]

Nilda Martinez and Christian Serein-Grosjean explore the relationship that they bring into play on the stage. This relationship, fed by moments of closeness and antagonism, is put to the test through the use of objects such as a fencing foil, a wooden Japanese sabre and maces, as well as by climbing and using a Chinese...

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Le Poivre rose [BE]

In the Alzheimer’s haze that envelops us, the five acrobats and actors of the Poivre Rose Company are generously committed to helping us get our memory back. On stage, accessories and clothes pile up, like the mismatched reminiscences of anonymous individuals. Their show is packed with genre-busting burlesque and poetic scenes without any downtime, subtly...

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La Scie du Bourgeon [BE]

There’s nothing to fear from old age, even though it can be merciless on the body. In the mirror of the bonds of acrobatic holds, a couple observes their strengths and weaknesses. Using the infinite variety of hand-to-hand work, Elsa Bouchez and Philippe Droz carry one another, support one another, push each other and repel...

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